Sunday, August 29, 2010

Hansen's Natural Soda Review

The good people over at Hansen's got in touch with me to do a soda review for them.

The first one I tried was the Mandarin Lime. I would say not only does it smell wonderful it tastes great too! I love the fact that there is nothing fake about this fizzy, goodness drink! You actually can smell the mandarin when you give the drink a whiff - awesome! I would totally recommend trying this!
OK now I am not much of a cola person (especially now being pregnant) but I sure did enjoy having this Original Cola especially since it is caffeine free (you heard right)! This tastes a hundred times better than any type of cola you could ever dream of having that already exists! It does not leave a funky film on your teeth or seem to sugary it is the perfect blend of sweetness and cola-ness you just can't go wrong!

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